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Tolland County Area Guide

Tolland County is a charming and historic region that boasts some of Connecticut's oldest and most picturesque towns. The county is characterized by rolling hills and lush forests, which provide ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. Visitors to Tolland County can visit numerous attractions such as local farms, museums, galleries, and parks.

Andover CT

Andover is a charming town located in Tolland County, Connecticut. It offers home buyers the perfect mix between rural country living and modern amenities. Home buyers will appreciate the area's picturesque countryside with rolling hills, vibrant valleys, and peaceful rivers. Residents can take advantage of plenty of outdoor recreational activities or explore historic sites such as the Town Hall, Congregational Church, or the Williams Memorial Library. There are also several stores and eateries like Andover Corner Store Deli & Catering that offer delicious homemade American dishes.

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Bolton CT

Bolton is a small yet lively town located in Tolland County that provides its residents with a pleasant quality of life and access to modern amenities. The town is renowned for its breathtaking views from Bolton Notch State Park where visitors can enjoy stunning viewpoints overlooking Talcott Mountain and Heublen Hills Wilderness Area as well as excellent hiking trails for recreation and exercise. Home buyers can also find great restaurants in Bolton such as Tip Top Restaurant offering delicious Greek-American cuisine in an elegant atmosphere.

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Columbia CT

Known locally as the “Gem of the Hill Country," Columbia is renowned for its natural beauty, historic landmarks, and small-town charm. Columbia is an ideal destination for homebuyers looking to combine rural living with modern amenities while still staying close to city attractions in Hartford or Manchester. Columbia features some beautiful historical properties including 19th-century farms like Maplecrest Farm which has been owned by the same family since 1892. Visitors can sample delicious local fare influenced by traditional New England cooking at places like Nodine’s Smokehouse or Biscotti's Café which offers Italian-inspired dining experience featuring impeccable seafood recipes accompanied by house-baked artisan breads.

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Coventry CT

Coventry is an idyllic New England town that features excellent recreational facilities and a charming downtown area. This town offers several historic sites, including the Nathan Hale Homestead and the Coventry Grammar School, which provides insight into the areas' educational evolution. Coventry is a great place to call home in Tolland County, as it's known for its peaceful atmosphere, attractive neighborhoods, and access to modern amenities. Residents can explore the town's many attractions such as Nathan Hale Homestead, an 18th-century house museum that was the birthplace of Connecticut’s Revolutionary War hero. The area also boasts several quaint restaurants including Amos Bull House which serves up classic American dishes with an Italian twist.

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Ellington CT

Ellington, Connecticut is a charming town located in Tolland County. Known for its rich farming history and beautiful open spaces, it offers an idyllic rural setting with all the amenities of modern life. Incorporated in May 1786, Ellington has grown into a vibrant community that supports a wide variety of small and local businesses. The town boasts a farm-friendly environment with recreational opportunities such as paddling on Crystal Lake or hiking in Shenipsit. Its location, just 18 miles from Hartford and 77 miles from Boston, makes it an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle with easy access to city conveniences. The median household income in Ellington is $91,510, suggesting a comfortable standard of living for its residents. Whether you're a family, young professional, or someone looking for a quiet retirement, Ellington has something to offer everyone.

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Hebron CT

Hebron is a picturesque town nestled in Tolland County. Incorporated in 1708, it's rich in history and community spirit. The town offers an excellent quality of life with its well-regarded schools, extensive parks, and recreational programs. Hebron's rural charm is complemented by convenient access to Hartford, just 20 miles away, providing residents with a perfect balance between small-town living and the buzz of the city. Notable landmarks include the Peters House, a historical building dating back to 1755, and the Hebron Green, a popular spot for community events.

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Mansfield CT

Mansfield is home to the famous University of Connecticut's flagship campus. A vibrant and bustling college town in Tolland County, Mansfield is renowned for its historical roots dating back to colonial times and proximity to Storrs. Homebuyers can enjoy Mansfield's beautiful parks like Burruss Nature Park or explore businesses at the popular Buckland Hills Mall Shopping Center. For those looking for delicious local cuisine, Mansfield offers plenty of eateries like the award-winning Café Zest providing guests with superb Mediterranean fusion fare.

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Somers CT

Somers, situated along the Scantic River, is a picturesque village that offers easy access to excellent dining, shopping, and outdoor recreational facilities. Somers is a small but vibrant community where visitors can find serene lakeside views as well as exciting activities and attractions. The village features several lakes such as Lake Congamond and Crystal Lake perfect for swimming and fishing while nearby Talcott Mountain State Park provides miles of trails ideal for hiking or horseback riding enthusiasts. Home buyers can also take advantage of local culinary gems such as Crossroads Restaurant offering excellent homemade Italian dishes made from fresh local ingredients or El Gallo Restaurant serving authentic Mexican fare on their open terrace overlooking beautiful wooded scenery.

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Stafford CT

One of the oldest towns in Tolland County, Stafford is a vibrant community that offers homebuyers a perfect mix of modern amenities and rural beauty. Visitors can explore Stafford's many attractions such as Dinosaur State Park or take an awe-inspiring stroll through nearby Wadsworth Falls State Park. Home buyers can also enjoy delicious local fare from places like Chatterly’s Café serving classic American cuisine in its cozy dining room while Grillmasters BBQ offers up mouthwatering smoked meats with a variety of homemade sides.

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Tolland CT

Nestled in the rolling hills, Tolland is a small town that features a peaceful atmosphere, quaint homes, and access to modern amenities. Home buyers can find plenty of recreational activities available in the area such as Virginia Airport where visitors can enjoy kite flying, picnicking, or taking scenic flights over Tolland County's majestic landscape. There's also lots of great restaurants like Main Street Café which serves up delicious salads and sandwiches as well as authentic Italian dishes at La Foresta.

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Union CT

Union is the smallest town by population in the state. Its location halfway between Millbury and Hebron makes it an ideal stopover for travelers seeking a respite from their journey. Despite its size, Union is big on natural beauty and outdoor activities. It's home to Bigelow Hollow State Park, offering over 9,000 acres of forest and a beautiful lake, making it a paradise for hikers, campers, and nature lovers. Additionally, Union's close-knit community, low crime rate, and top-notch education system make it an appealing choice for families and individuals seeking a tranquil lifestyle amidst nature.

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Vernon CT

Vernon is a beautiful town known for its lush woodlands, friendly neighborhoods, and convenient access to city attractions in Hartford or Manchester. Home buyers will appreciate the numerous activities available such as skiing at Mt Mansfield Ski Area or visiting historical sites like Hubbard Park which was established during the 19th century and boasts stunning views of Talcott Mountain. Vernon offers some wonderful eateries for those looking for good local fare like Lumsdons' Pub & Restaurant providing spectacular ocean-to-table seafood dishes or Coriander’s Indian Cuisine featuring traditional Indian flavors cooked over open flame grills.

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Willington CT

Willington is another stunning town in Tolland County, with plenty of nature trails perfect for hikers, horseback riding enthusiasts, and picnickers alike. The town also features historic properties such as Willington Historic District located on both sides of Old Willimantic River which allows visitors to observe remnants that date back before the 19th century including buildings constructed by settlers during mid-1700s to early 1800s. For those looking to try delicious local fare they can visit Gunny's Bar & Grill offering patrons classic bar food and drinks or Rico's Pizza providing excellent recipes rooted on traditional Neapolitan cuisine made from fresh ingredients imported from Italy every month.

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